So much more than saving on space! Stylish design features with a wide variety of functions that care for your clothes. Choose special program when washing your favourite wool jumper or outdoor garments. Use steam to refresh your dress without washing it. Whatever the cycle is, you can be sure that Electrolux top loaders are using the optimum amount of water and energy, while handling your garments.


We believe that caring for garments should be effortless and sustainable, making you feel confident and free to choose the clothes you really want and trust that you can wear them as often as you like.


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PerfectCare top loader washing machines overview

  • UltraCare system
  • SteamCare system
  • SensiCare system
  • Time Manager
  • Inverter motor
  • SteamCare system
  • SensiCare system
  • Time Manager
  • Inverter motor
  • SensiCare system
  • Time Manager
  • Inverter motor

Up to 7 kg cared for

Saving on space but not on capacity. With an extra large drum, you have plenty of space for 6 or even up to 7 kg of laundry. Your clothes are protected from tears or stretching during the cycle.

Care for what you wear

Change starts with small steps. How you treat your clothes has a significant impact on the environment.

That is why we are developing appliances that make your clothes last longer and become less of a burden for our planet. Discover the advanced solutions below that help you to adapt new washing habits!

Clean efficiently at 30ºC, save 30% energy*

Do you believe that low temperature won't remove smell and stains? The UltraWash program in PerfectCare 800 washers premixes the detergent with water before entering it into the drum. It ensures efficient cleaning at 30°C. Only 10°C drops in temperature means 30% save in energy.
Kind to clothes, kind to the environment.

*With the UltraWash programme, you thoroughly clean at 30ºC and save more than 30% energy compared to a 40ºC cotton programme.

Wash less, steam more

Steaming is a better and more sustainable way to care for your barely wore garments and still express your individual style.
The steam program in PerfectCare 700 models refreshes your clothes without washing them - so you save 96% of water. It also reduces creases on garments, so you can iron less and save electricity.

SensiCare technology - cycles adjusted to the washload

The SensiCare system adjusts the program according to the load. It uses the right amount of water, time and energy to provide maximum care for your clothes and the less impact on the environment as well. Everyday clothes will keep their new look for longer.

Eco Time Manager

Benefit from energy-saving washing thanks to the Eco TimeManager option. Save water and energy by adapting the washing time to your needs without compromising on quality. The clothes will be washed thoroughly and effectively.

Easy to clean detergent compartments

With this removable detergent dispenser it is easy to keep your appliance clean. Just lift out the dispenser, snap the parts and clean with warm water. Whether you use powder or liquid detergent, it can handle both.

Inverter motor: durable, silent, energy-efficient

The energy-efficient inverter technology offers you the highest efficiency and durability and ensures superior performance, whatever programme you select. To top it all they operate more silently. They lasts longer and that we take credit for by offering 10 ys warranty on the motor.*

*Upon registration


Special programmes

Enjoy unprecented care with special programmes for all your favourite garments! Your soft wool jumper, your windproof jacket and also your classy silk dress will be handled with care. Or choose steam program* to refresh your jumper or just for reducing the wrinkles of a shirt before ironing.

*On selected models.

  • Steam programme
    Steam programme

    While steam relaxes fibres it gently smooth out creases and freshen your garments. This reduces the need to wash and iron them.

  • Outdoor programme
    Outdoor programme

    Removes stain from the small membranes of technical fabrics in a gentle way. They preserve their special technical functions.

  • Wool programme
    Wool programme

    Washing machines with a Woolmark Blue Certificate washes sensitive fabric so gentle as if they were hand-washed.

  • Sport programme
    Sport programme

    If you workout regularly you will make good use of this programme. This program is using low temperature and gentle drum movements, to make your sportswaer last long.

  • Antiallergy programme
    Antiallergy programme

    This special program removes microorganisms through a washing cycle in which the temperature is kept above 70 °C for a few minutes. This safely removes germs, bacteria, microorganisms and particles.

  • Silk programme
    Silk programme

    A gentle programme using slow drum movements and low temperature water to gently clean silk scarves, shirts and dresses. Uses low spin speed to keep the softness of texture.