What makes an inverter motor so reliable?

One of the most important features of an inverter motor is that it does not have a carbon brush. The carbon brush in conventional motors press onto the rotating motor shaft, resulting in a similar effect as driving the car without having released the handbrake fully. Due to the friction (warm-up), the engines with the carbon brush rest at certain intervals, which in practice means a longer program. The lack of a carbon brush and moving parts also means longer engine life - there’s no parts that can be ruined. In addition, inverter motor units are quieter and more energy efficient than their conventional motor counterparts.

So quiet, so peaceful

An inverter motor runs with less vibration and less noise compared to a regular AC motor, especially during the washing and spinning phase. As a result of it you can place you washer even in your kitchen. It will not disturb you and your family whilest gatherings.

Special programs for different types of fabrics

Electrolux washers and dryers with inverter motor control the speed and direction of drum movement. As a result, the programs are adapted to the fabric of the clothes. Thus, Electrolux washing machines and tumble dryers handles your entire wardrobe in the most delicate way - from cotton T-shirts to jeans and wool sweaters.

Shorter programs, less energy consumption

The inverter motor does not need a “rest” between movements to avoid overheating. So washing time is reduced by about 25% with the same washing performance. The other great advantage of inverter technology is the improved energy efficiency. A normal inverter motor is about 50%, an ÖKO inverter motor is about 75% more efficient than a regular universal motor.

Peace of mind - 10 yrs warranty

Electrolux washers, dryers and washer-dryers take care of your clothes for a long time without malfunctioning. We don't ask you just to take our word, we take credit for this: 9-years extra guarantee is given for the inverter motor of washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers in addition to the 1-year factory warranty period. The 9-year extra warranty is subject to online registration.