The unforgattable Sunday desserts!

From a PlusSteam cooker, you will get everything that you expect from a best in class multifunctional cooker: XL oven cavity, even baking, various baking programs. But on top of those, with the the extra steam function this will become your family’s new favourite. By adding a touch of steam at the beginning of the baking program, you can bake unforgattable sweet and salty pastries, cakes, pies, biscuits, cheese bars.

Induction, electric or gas – it is your choice!

  • Induction models
    Induction models

    Offers all the advantages of induction: quick, safe, easy to clean. When baking Hot Air fan ensures even cooking across all levels in the oven, while electronic timer ensures precise time control of the cooking process. These models come with some comfort options as well: telescopic runners, and a special catalytic coating to make it really easy to keep the oven cavity clean.

  • Electric hob
    Electric hob

    They are available in different design levels. All comes with easy to clean ceramic hob surface. Hot Air fan is available in all models. Some models are equipped with electronic timer and catalytic coating in the cavity. PlusSteam cookers with ceramic hob are available in black or inox design.

  • Gas hob
    Gas hob

    No more compromises. Even if you prefer to use gas on the cooking surface, you do not need to give up on supercrispy, supertasty baking results. Electronic display available in advanced level models as well as minute minder and programme end set up. These combi cookers are available in white or inox design.

How does the PlusSteam (extra steam) function work? 

  • Valaki vizet önt a sütő tartályába.
    Step 1

    Start by pouring 100ml of water into your oven cavity.

  • A PlusSteam multifunkciós sütő PlusSteam gombja
    Step 2

    Select the PlusSteam programme. Set the required temperature.

  • Kenyérsütés Electrolux sütőben
    Step 3

    Press the PlusSteam button. A LED light shows that the steam function is active. Preheat for five minutes then bake your delicious meal.

Fresh, crunchy bread at home, from the oven

There is nothing better than waking up on a Sunday morning for the smell of freshly baked bread or rolls.

We have baked bread on traditional hot-air-circulation program and on PlusSteam (extra steam) program. You will see yourself the difference in the video: steam baking gives a better rise, a crispier crust and a fluffier texture inside. And though you cannot see it on the video, it also tastes better! We know, because we have tasted it. It is no coincidence that bakeries also use steam!

Whatch the video and try it yourself.


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