Give your clothes a longer life with Electrolux PerfectCare, for a more sustainable future.

Each year millions of tons of perfectly good clothes literally go down the drain. How we treat our clothes has a significant impact on the environment, and reducing clothing waste is something we can and should do here and now. Therefor we have developed laundry appliances that make our clothes last longer and become less of a burden for our planet. 

Miért lett a 30 az új 40 a mosásnál?

Most people would like to have a more environmentally friendly approach to washing, but many believe that low temperatures won't remove smell and stains. With today's advances inwashing technology, 30°C will be just as efficient as 40°C, but with colors that last longer and less wasted energy. 

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Kevesebb mosás, több frissítő gőz

A full wash is often completely unnecessary, especially when all that is needed is a quick refresh. By using steam you save water while prolonging the lifespan of the garment - and the planet. A bonus is that steaming takes care of wrinkles, saving time on ironing. 

Many of the Electrolux washing machines and tumble dryers and fitted with the Steam Refresh program which steams the clothes either at the end of a cycle or at your own request to freshen up clothes. 

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"Using Electrolux steam programs is an easy way to refresh clothes that are not in need of full wash. Less washing means that clothes last longer which is good for the planet."

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Hét egyszerű tipp a fenntartható mosáshoz

Most people understand the benefits of garment preservation, but 5 out of 10 people do not know how to wash sustainably. Washing clothes according to habit is quite common, but with minor changes to to the process, you can make an environmental impact without much extra effort. 

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Washing clothes in 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees can lower the energy consumption up to 35%. 

  • Water drops icon
    Save water

    Use steam to refresh clothes when they do not need a full wash and save more than 40 liters of water per washing cycle. 

  • Detergent bottle icon

    Use liquid detergent when washing colored garments because powder contains some bleaching agents that can cause color fading. 

  • Fabric softener bottle icon
    Fabric softener

    Use fabric softener because it increases the strength of the fibres, making them last longer. 

  • Autodosing icon
    Correct dosing

    Think about correctly dosing the detergent depending on water hardness and amount of laundry. Over-dosing means that you risk color fading on clothes and unnecessary tear, while under-dosing means that clothes can become dull or grayish over time. 

  • Steam icon
    Steam Refresh program

    Use steam to refresh clothes when they do not need a full wash. Steaming also decrease wrinkles on garments, making it a more sustainable substitute for ironing. 

  • Fabrics icon
    Outdoor program

    Tumble dry your functional gear as this restores the active membrane. Making them both last longer and perform better. 

Automatikus mosószer adagolás, szebb és tisztább ruhák

Using too much washing detergent can damage the fibres in your clothes, and as both laundry weight and the water type in your area is part of the equation, dosage can become a complex issue. Leaving it to the machine could then be the most convenient way of caring for the planet. 

To make this task easier many Electrolux washing machines are fitted with the AutoDose feature which doses the correct amount of detergent and softener automatically. 

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A környezetbarát szárítógépek alacsony hőfokon szárítanak

Modern tumble dryers reuse the heated air generated within, all while lowering the temperature necessary to get satisfying results. Also, did you know that today's technology allows you to tumble dry delicate materials like wool and silk?

Many of Electrolux washing machines and tumble dryers are fitted with programs that are specific to functional and outdoor gear. 

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A PerfectCare termékcsalád

Introducing our most advanced laundry system yet. The PerfectCare Collection represents the utmost in modern design, technology and care.